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Government Subsidies on Solar Power Systems

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Government Subsidies on Solar Power Systems

In 2017 all Australian businesses may be eligible for government subsidies on Solar Power Systems

Energis for a limited time only is able to offer our Solar Power customers a $0 deposit payment plan. This allows you to start your clean energy journey without the need for upfront cash.

Example Systems & Savings

15kw System

  • Average Yearly Production 21900 kWh*
  • You save $450.00 per month*
  • You save $5,475.00 per annum*

30kw System

  • Average Yearly Production 43800 kWh*
  • You save $900.00 per month*
  • You save $10,950.00 per annum*

60kw Systems

  • Average Yearly Production 87600 kWh*
  • You save $1800.00 per month*
  • You save $21,900.00 per annum*

Build Your Own System - Large Scale or Small Scale

Flexible Payment Options Available

  • Pay your system off your savings
  • Repayment may be fully tax deductible
  • Flexible options up to 7 years*
Some of Our Installations

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